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Free ground shipping on orders of $175.00+ shipping within the USA | Please allow 2-3 days for order fulfillment

Diamond Burr


We love to cut through clay with a blade. That is why we use carbon steel for our carving and trimming tools. Although carbon steel holds the best edge when used with clay, with use, the edge will eventually dull.

These Diamond Sharpening Burrs are perfect for putting the edge back on your favorite blade. Use this burr bit with a Dremel, flex shaft or other drill that holds an 1/8″ shaft. These burrs have a fine coating of diamond dust to cut quickly and smoothly through metal. A slight bevel on one side indicates the sharpened side of the tool, this is the side to use the Diamond Burr on. A light pass over the sharpened side should be enough to renew most blades.  

The 5/32 is best for the Dragtool; the 7/32 is ideal for the Do•All and Petal Knives.

NOTE: The diamond burr is to be used with a Dremel, flex shaft or drill. The shaft of the Diamond Burr bit is 1/8".

Read the PMI Sharpening Guide by Michael Sherrill

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