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Free Shipping on USA Orders $150+ | Use Code FS150

Big Paddle


We make our Paddle out of found local hardwood, reclaimed from the woods behind Michael's studio. We rescue this beautiful hardwood from fallen trees to make a paddle that will give you a lifetime of use. This tool works hard, whether you are using it to close two seams together, to put a pleat in a large vase or alter a pot.

Why do we include a sock for the Paddle? The Paddle will do the job with or without a cover, but if you work in wet sticky clay then you know how a paddle wants to cling to the surface. A sock will let the paddle release quickly when you slap the clay. Get one and start slapping your clay today!

Do you work your tools hard? Or like to switch between clay bodies? Replacement/additional Big Paddle Socks are available.

(colors will vary)


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