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PUSH Extruder


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A new way to work!

The first extruder I ever used was a small, multicolored plastic model. Do you remember those? I was 5 and I made some awesome star-shaped tubes and piles of “spaghetti noodles.” Now, many years later, I’m still making things with an extruder - but I’ve made a few changes to that early model.   

Back in the ’90’s, in my own studio practice, I was throwing and altering forms to use as functional and sculptural elements in my work.  I began to experiment with extruded tubes and quickly realized that when I applied the same altering techniques to the extrusions -the possibilities for form were unlimited! As my sculptural forms began to change and expand, so did my expectations of the extruder as an integral tool in the studio. I designed a set of Dies and Mudtools introduced them to the clay market in 2007.   When I taught workshops I would see students struggle with certain aspects of the traditional extruder. I wanted to design a tool that was accessible to everyone, uncomplicated, and easy to use.”

Let me introduce you to PUSH- a new, powerful, but simple machine that can open up a world of possibility for your work.



  • Aircraft-grade hard coat anodized aluminum and stainless steel components
  • Omnidirectional: can be installed and used horizontally, vertically extruding up and down
  • Variable speed
  • Rugged
  • Water resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Holds 7 lbs of clay
  • Runs stiff to soft clay
  • Fully Electric
  • Easy to use one switch operation
  • No additional equipment or power source needed - plug it in and go!


PUSH Extruder includes:

    • 1 PUSH Extruder
      • Main body (5.5"x8.5"x21")
      • Cassette (4"x4"x6" internal dimension)
  • 2 Mounting brackets
  • 8 screws
  • 1 T-handle hex key
  • Power Supply (water resistant)


*Only Mudtools branded dies are guaranteed to work with our PUSH Extruder. 


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